"New anti-wrinkle treatment that lasts longer."

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Introducing the latest addition to our anti-wrinkle treatments – a brand new liquid presentation of botulinum toxin!
Exclusively available at ABesthetic, this cutting-edge product promises longer-lasting results and smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
Don’t miss the chance to try this exciting New Botulinum Toxin and experience the difference for yourself.

And, DONĀ“T PAY MORE for it.

At ABesthetic, we have an exciting offer for you!
We are providing the latest brand of botulinum toxin in liquid form, with the same price as the traditional brand, but only for the first 10 patients who book the treatment and introduce us to two friends.
This means that you can experience longer-lasting results for the same price.
Don’t wait too long to decide, as this offer won’t last forever!

Galderma, one of the leading companies in the aesthetic industry, has introduced a new presentation of botulinum toxin. This new product is already diluted and comes in a liquid form, which eliminates the need for preparation and reduces the risk of errors. This new formulation also promises a longer-lasting effect, making it an attractive option for those seeking anti-wrinkle treatments. At ABesthetic, we are excited to offer this exclusive new product to our clients.

Botulinum Toxin to treat wrinkles, migraine, excess of sweat, muscular spasms

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